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We are a dedicated team of Docassemble professionals committed to delivering high-quality web and mobile application projects. With our extensive knowledge and innovative solutions, we help businesses optimize their operations and thrive in a competitive market.

What is Docassemble ?

Docassemble is a revolutionary, open-source platform designed for conducting interactive interviews and producing a range of document formats. The platform can generate PDF, RTF, and DOCX documents based on user input during interviews.

But Docassemble’s scope goes beyond document creation. The platform can facilitate online applications, direct users to relevant online resources, store user responses, interact with APIs, or even serve as a key source of information.

Born from the vision of a seasoned lawyer and programmer, Docassemble’s initial focus was to streamline legal practices. However, its versatile nature allows it to adapt across numerous fields. Whether your goal is to simplify legal procedures or implement a dynamic data collection and document creation solution, Docassemble has got you covered.

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Application Development

Docassemble Consultancy

Server Deployment & Support

DocAssemble Features

Interactive Interviews

Harness the power of guided, dynamic interviews that capture user data effectively and efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage advanced machine learning capabilities to intelligently process and understand user input.


Seamlessly link with external applications using Docassemble’s robust API, enabling easy information input and extraction.


Use optical character recogntion to process images uploaded by the user.


Offer interviews in multiple languages.


Develop applications that involve more than one user, such as mediation or counseling interviews.

Some of our work

We’re proud to have partnered with leading firms to implement Docassemble and bring about transformative change. Here are a few examples of our successful collaborations:

Gideon Legal Chatbot Software

With Gideon Legal, we embraced the challenge of enhancing their chatbot software. We introduced interactive and personalized features, enabling Gideon to offer an efficient user experience and create a more dynamic client interaction platform.


LexyAlgo | Law Made Easier

At LexyAlgo, our objective was to expedite their workflow. We worked on fine-tuning their algorithmic mechanisms to provide quicker, more accurate results, supporting LexyAlgo’s mission to simplify legal processes for their clients.

Pleading Power

When Pleading Power was looking to optimize their workflow, we stepped in to provide a bespoke solution. We developed a dedicated app tailored to their specific requirements, enhancing their document management process. As a result, Pleading Power has been able to offer a more streamlined, efficient service to their clients.

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    What is Docassemble?

    Docassemble is a robust, open-source platform that’s designed to conduct interactive interviews and automate document assembly. It’s a highly versatile tool, widely used across various industries for applications such as form generation, data collection, and legal document automation.

    How can Docassemble help streamline my business processes?

    With Docassemble, you can automate various aspects of your operations, including data collection, document generation, and submission processes. Its dynamic system simplifies complex workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

    What makes your Docassemble development solutions unique?

    Our team is skilled in leveraging the full potential of Docassemble. We focus on custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Whether it’s interactive interviews, OCR-enabled document processing, or creating custom workflows, we ensure optimal results.

    How secure is a Docassemble implementation?

    Docassemble has several robust security measures in place to protect user data, including server-side encryption and two-factor authentication. When we implement Docassemble, we also follow best practices for data security and compliance.

    How does OCR integration with Docassemble work?

    OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that converts different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents or PDF files, into editable and searchable data. In Docassemble, OCR can be integrated to process uploaded images or scanned documents, making the data easily accessible and usable within the application.

    Absolutely! Docassemble is widely used in the legal industry to automate the creation of legal documents. It simplifies the process, reduces errors, and saves valuable time by creating customized legal documents based on user input.

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