Getting Started with DocAssemble: Guide for Beginners

Docassemble Uses

What is DocAssemble?

Docassemble is a versatile, free, and open-source platform designed for creating interactive interviews, automating document generation, and building custom web applications.

Who can benefit from using it?

Docassemble is a powerful tool that can benefit individuals and organizations across various fields, including:

  • Legal Professionals: Automate client intake and engagement processes. Generate legal documents like contracts, leases, and wills.
  • Businesses: Create online onboarding forms and collect customer data. Generate personalized proposals and quotes
  • Researchers: Conduct surveys and collect data from participants. Generate reports and analyze data.
  • Educators: Develop personalized learning materials and assessments. Automate grading and feedback processes.
  • Individuals: Create personal wills, trusts, and other legal documents. Manage finances and track expenses.


What sets it apart from other document automation tools?

Docassemble stands out due to being open-source, free, highly flexible, and customizable. It offers powerful logic and branching capabilities, making it easy to use despite its advanced features. The platform also has a strong focus on legal applications, catering specifically to lawyers and legal professionals.

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Docassemble Guide for Installation: A Smooth Journey

Here’s a comprehensive guide to set up Docassemble on your system:

  1. Python:
  • Version: Ensure you have Python 3.8 or later. Check your existing version with python –version.
  • Download: If needed, get Python from
  1. Virtual Environment (Optional):
  • Benefits: Creates a sandboxed environment for Docassemble dependencies, enhancing isolation and management.
  • Creation: Use tools like venv, virtualenv, or pyenv to create and activate the environment.
  1. Installing Docassemble:
  • Linux: pip install docassemble
  • Windows: py -m pip install docassemble
  • macOS: pip install docassemble
  1. Web Server (Optional):
  • Setup: If not already present, configure a web server like Apache or Nginx.
  • Configuration: Ensure it serves Docassemble applications.
  1. Additional Dependencies (Linux only):
  • Installation: Use your package manager (e.g., apt-get) to install dependencies like python3-dev and libssl-dev.
  • Reference: Refer to the official Docassemble installation guide for detailed commands based on your Linux distribution.
  1. Launching Docassemble:
  • Command: Start the server with docassemble start.
  1. Accessing Docassemble:
  • Open: Navigate to http://localhost:5000/ in your web browser.
  • Interface: The Docassemble interface should be displayed.

Looking to integrate DocAssamble in your product?

Docassemble Guide for Beginner’s : Document Automation Features

  1. Template-Based Document Creation:

Functionality: Create documents quickly and easily using pre-designed templates.

Benefits: Streamlines document creation, ensures consistent formatting, and saves time.


  1. Dynamic Variable Insertion:

Functionality: Insert dynamic data like names, dates, and numbers into documents.

Benefits: Personalize documents for each user and automate repetitive tasks.


  1. Conditional Logic and Branching:

Functionality: Customize document content based on user input and decisions.

Benefits: Create interactive documents that adapt to specific situations.


  1. Seamless Data Import and Export:

Functionality: Integrate with external data sources and export generated documents.

Benefits: Increase efficiency and accessibility by utilizing existing data.


  1. Version Control and Auditing:

Functionality: Track document changes and revert to previous versions if necessary.

Benefits: Ensure document integrity and maintain a record of edits.

Explore Docassemble: Resources and Support

  1. Docassemble Documentation:
  • Your ultimate guide! The official documentation provides comprehensive guides, tutorials, and references for Docassemble.
  • Dive deep into specific features, learn best practices, and find answers to common questions. 
  1. Docassemble Forum:
  • Join the vibrant community on the Docassemble Google Group.
  • Ask questions, share experiences, and learn from fellow users and developers.
  1. GitHub Repository:
  • Explore the code behind Docassemble and contribute to its development.
  • Report issues, stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates, and delve into the platform’s inner workings.
  1. YouTube Tutorials:
  • Learn from visual demonstrations and tutorials on platforms like YouTube.
  • Master specific skills, gain inspiration from others, and enhance your Docassemble knowledge:
  1. Community-contributed Packages:
  • Expand Docassemble’s capabilities with community-developed tools and packages.
  • Find essential and niche extensions to address specific needs and enhance your workflow: 

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