5 Easy Steps to Setup Docassemble on Google Cloud Platform

Docassemble on google cloud platform

Docassemble significance in document automation


An open-source, free expert system for guided interviews and document assembly called Docassemble has a lot to offer in terms of document automation, particularly for legal applications. It offers a website where users can conduct interviews and receive documents in PDF, RTF, or DOCX format for download or emailing. Interviews can be conducted based on the information gathered.




Open-source: Unlike many closed-source platforms, Docassemble is free and accessible to anyone, empowering individuals and small organizations to automate documents without hefty licensing fees.

Python-based: Requires basic coding skills, opening automation possibilities to a wider audience compared to proprietary systems with complex interfaces.


Flexibility and Customization:

Versatile tool: Goes beyond static document assembly, enabling interactive interviews, conditional logic, and dynamic content based on user responses.

Tailored solutions: Developers can create applications specific to their needs, unlike limited options offered by pre-built templates in other platforms.


Transparency and Trust:

Open-source code: Users can see how the platform works, ensuring data security and eliminating concerns about hidden algorithms or biases.

User control: Docassemble allows customization of data privacy policies and data flow, placing ownership and control in the hands of users.


Collaborative Innovation:

Active community: Benefits from a thriving community of developers who contribute to improvements, share best practices, and offer support.



Rapid adaptation: Open-source nature fosters continuous development and adaptation to evolving needs and technological advancements.


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What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?


Imagine a virtual space equipped with powerful computing resources, storage solutions, and a plethora of tools – that’s GCP in a nutshell. It’s a cloud computing platform offered by Google, providing on-demand infrastructure and services to cater to diverse needs.


Why Choose Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Docassemble?


Here’s why GCP shines as the perfect platform for hosting your Docassemble applications:


  • Scalability: Need to handle more users or complex workflows? GCP seamlessly scales your resources up or down based on your demands, ensuring smooth operation without bottlenecks.

  • Security: GCP boasts robust security features, constantly monitored and updated to protect your data and applications from potential threats.

  • Cost-effectiveness: With pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the resources you use, making GCP an economical choice for Docassemble deployments of any size.

  • Performance: Experience superior speed and reliability with GCP’s global network of data centers, ensuring smooth and efficient application performance.

  • Integration: GCP seamlessly integrates with other Google products and services like Google Drive and Workspace, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

  • Reliability: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Google’s world-class infrastructure and expertise, guaranteeing high uptime and availability for your Docassemble application.

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Looking to integrate DocAssamble in your product?


Setting Up Docassemble on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Deploying Docassemble on GCP unlocks remarkable advantages like scalability, robust security, and cost optimization. Let’s explore the key steps involved:


1. Prepare for Launch:


GCP Account: Secure a free trial or paid account based on your needs.

Fundamental Knowledge: Familiarity with command-line basics and cloud concepts is beneficial.

Docassemble Project: Have your Docassemble interview files ready for deployment.


2. Choose Your Deployment Path:


GCP provides diverse options for hosting Docassemble:


Compute Engine: Craft a dedicated virtual machine (VM) instance for your Docassemble application. Ideal for sizable deployments requiring specific resource control.

App Engine: Deploy Docassemble as a web application, leveraging the benefits of built-in auto-scaling and management. Suited for smaller to medium-sized applications.

Docker Container: Encapsulate your Docassemble application within a Docker container, ensuring easy deployment and portability across various environments.


3. Craft Your Deployment Environment:


Compute Engine:

Follow Google Cloud’s official documentation to establish a VM instance.

Install and configure Docassemble on the VM instance. Refer to the Docassemble installation guide for detailed instructions.

App Engine:

Utilize the official App Engine documentation to create a new application.

Deploy your Docassemble application code as a web application. For specific steps, consult the Docassemble App Engine deployment guide.

Docker Container:

Construct a Docker image containing your Docassemble application and its dependencies.

Deploy the Docker image to Google Cloud Container Registry.

Establish a Cloud Run service to execute the containerized Docassemble application.


4. Secure and Configure:


Docassemble Configuration: Update the config.yml file to establish connections to your chosen storage options (e.g., Cloud Storage) and other GCP services.

Enhanced Security: Implement robust security measures, including firewall rules, user authentication, and data encryption.


5. Test and Deploy:


Rigorous Testing: Thoroughly test your Docassemble application in a staging environment before deploying to production.

Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitor your application’s performance and resource usage after deployment.

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