How to Set Up Docassemble with Azure?

Setup Docassemble with azure

What is Docassemble?

Docassemble is an open-source platform used to create interactive web applications called “interviews.” These interviews guide users through a series of questions, gathering information and making decisions based on the user’s input. Docassemble can then utilize this information for various purposes, including:


Generating documents: Automating document assembly like contracts, applications, or legal forms.

Providing personalized advice: Tailoring information or recommendations based on user responses.

Submitting data: Submitting information collected through the interview to external systems.

Facilitating workflows: Guiding users through specific processes or procedures.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


Microsoft Azure empowers you with a comprehensive cloud computing platform, offering a diverse suite of services readily available on demand. Access, manage, and deploy your applications seamlessly across a network of globally distributed data centers.

Spectrum of Possibilities:

  • Run any workload: Choose from virtual machines, containers, or serverless functions for optimal application execution.

  • Securely store your data: Benefit from a range of storage options including blob storage, file storage, and disk storage, catering to various data needs.

  • Manage with ease: Leverage cloud-based databases like Azure SQL Database or explore managed open-source alternatives for flexible database management.

  • Build robust networks: Design secure and scalable networks with virtual networks, firewalls, and load balancers, ensuring seamless connectivity.

  • Derive valuable insights: Utilize big data processing and machine learning tools to uncover valuable insights hidden within your data.

  • Embrace AI and ML: Effortlessly build, deploy, and manage AI and ML models to unlock the power of intelligent automation.

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Azure cloud services

Azure delivers several compelling advantages:


Effortless scaling: Adapt resources seamlessly to meet your application’s fluctuating demands.

Cost-efficiency: Pay only for the resources you utilize, optimizing your budget.

Enhanced security: Leverage Azure’s robust security features to safeguard your data and applications with confidence.

Global reach: Deploy your applications in data centers worldwide, ensuring wider accessibility and a superior user experience.


Benefits of Using Azure for Docassemble


Using Azure for Docassemble offers several benefits:

Scalability: Azure provides a scalable platform for hosting Docassemble, allowing you to adjust resources based on your needs. This flexibility is crucial for handling varying workloads efficiently

Reliability: Azure’s infrastructure ensures high availability and reliability for your Docassemble instance. This reliability is essential for uninterrupted access to your legal document automation system

Integration: Docassemble integrates seamlessly with Azure services like Azure Blob Storage, enhancing its functionality and enabling efficient data storage and retrieval

Cost-Effective: While there are costs associated with hosting a server on Azure, the pricing is competitive, starting from as low as $10 to $40 per month depending on your performance and support requirements

Security: Azure offers robust security features, ensuring that your Docassemble deployment is protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities, safeguarding sensitive legal documents and data.

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Looking to integrate DocAssamble in your product?

Setting Up Docassemble on Azure


To install Docassemble on Azure, follow these steps:

  • Register for an Azure Account and sign in to manage your subscription


  • Choose a suitable Azure region, such as East US 2, where you want to host your Docassemble instance


  • Create a resource group within your chosen Azure region


  • Create a new App Service Plan with the necessary resources, such as CPU cores and memory, required for Docassemble


  • Create a new App Service within your resource group, specifying the App Service Plan you created earlier


  • Configure the App Service with the necessary settings, including the URL, scaling rules, and authentication methods


  • Upload the Docassemble code to the newly created App Service


  • Test the installation by visiting the URL of your App Service in your web browser

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